In 2021, Bushi and Krin Van Tatenhove co-authored a book entitled The Six Medicines of BodhiChristo. It outlines some simple but potent daily “medicines” that can benefit all of us. You can download a PDF copy of it here.

Here is an excerpt from its introduction: “Please consider, again, the urgency and immediacy of medicine. These practices bring vigor and liberty. Guaranteed! Daily doses, taken with great intentionality, make all the difference. And the beauty is that these truths are accessible to every person who is willing to examine human existence more fully. This is not the rarified possession of holy men and women. It is our common inheritance, as readily available as the oxygen we breathe.”

Watch for the new book by Bushi and Krin, due out in 2023. Entitled Jesus and Buddha at the Crossroads, it will highlight complimentary teachings of these two spiritual masters that help us walk the BodhiChristo path.

Here is an excerpt from its introduction: “It is one thing to claim a mutual heritage for Jesus and the Buddha: it is another to draw these parallels into the light. That is the purpose of this booklet, and since these rich veins of wisdom can never truly be exhausted, we see this volume as a starter, an invitation to dialogue with all you. Though there are many other similarities in the teaching of Jesus and the Buddha, we have chosen only four to start the process.”

Bushi also acted as an adviser to Krin Van Tatenhove for his story Four Truths on a Crosstown Bus, downloadable here. Two men meet on an inner-city bus. Is it a coincidence or a divine appointment? Watch a preview video here