Welcome to the BodhiChristo Path!

What is The BodhiChristo Path? Heiwa no Bushi uses this term to describe his unique blending of the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha. “I’ve discovered,” he says, “that both Jesus and the Buddha, had they existed at the same time, would have probably gotten along very well. We so often refer to Jesus as the Son of God. However, there is another term used less frequently within the same holy text of the Christian lexicon: Son of Man. I think it is the human side of Jesus, his flesh and blood, that we need to plumb more deeply for the betterment of our human society. If we don’t understand his human side, we can never really comprehend what we call, or assume to be, his divinity.”

This website will introduce you to the powerful teachings of Heiwa no Bushi.  As you get acquainted with him, you can also connect in the following ways.